Training Schedule

Pre Course

You may wish to talk through any questions you have with Helen. Helen is there to help you; providing a free coaching service to prepare you for your course. If you decide you want to attend a course the next step is to complete the application form.

The Seminar

The Lightning Process seminars are run on three consecutive days and take about three to four hours each day. On day one you will learn the Process, and start to use it immediately. The final two days are for fine-tuning and learning the more advanced elements of the Process to make sure you are getting the long term results you want.

The process has been designed to be simple enough for anyone to use it takes work and commitment but it is highly effective for people irrespective of gender, length of illness or severity.

During the training you can take breaks for refreshments and comfort whenever necessary.

The process is specifically tailored to your needs and abilities. You will be supported and assisted by Helen who is an experienced trainer throughout the training seminar and afterwards as required.

The training is done in small group sessions.

After the Course

Helen is there to support you in applying the Process after the course. Further telephone coaching sessions are always available to assist you in applying what you have learnt in an ongoing way in your life.

'Building Your Future' seminars are run over three months and are designed as a post Lightning Process seminar to help you effectively implement the Lightning Process in every aspect of your life. The seminars are designed to re-cover the core points of the training programme and assist you in moving forwards with any old or new issues and challenges that might arise.

Any more questions?

Please contact Helen, she will be very happy to answer any further questions you have.