Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Positive Thinking?

No. A small element of the Lightning Process looks at the consequence of negative thinking, but it is not just positive thinking, as that kind of approach has only limited success.

Are any techniques like brainwashing involved in the training?

No. The Lightning Process helps you to become self empowered, to regain choice in your life and to make appropriate decisions based on what you want. If brainwashing is defined as someone programming you to respond in a way that they impose on you, removing your own control in your life, then the Lightning Process is quite the reverse.

Will I be hypnotised?

No, The Lightning Process does not involve you being hypnotised by a practitioner and you will remain completely present at all times.

Will there be physical contact or manipulation of the body and muscles during the training?

No, the osteopathic elements of The Lightning Process are referring to the principles that underpin osteopathy and in particular the link between the brain and the body and how posture can affect you.

Have medical trials been carried out for the Lightning Process?

A feasibility study with the NHS is currently underway.

Why isn't the Lightning Process available on the NHS?

Lightning Process Head Office have discussed the role of the Lightning Process in the NHS with a number of NHS consultants, and have taken their advice that for the time being its three day format and the particular way it looks at language and health, it's best catered for in a non medical setting. They are looking at ways, including our work with research groups, to make the Lightning Process available on the NHS for the future.

I'm worried that the training will be too tiring?

Most people that have successfully completed the training had the same concern. But you can do it. Helen will take breaks in the training as and when required.

What happens after the 3 days training seminar?

If after the training you feel you need further support, maybe to help you to adjust back into "normal life" or just to answer questions you may have, Helen will always be happy to provide further support as required. You will also be given a support CD, which talks you through how to apply the process in the first week after the seminar, and reminds you of what you have learnt.

Building Your Future seminars are also available around the country to assist you in putting all you have learnt into practice to create a life you love. And you will have access to a website dedicated to graduates of the Lightning Process, where you will find more details about other courses and tools to support your training, the latest news and free podcasts from Phil Parker.

Can my Doctor assess me for readiness for the Lightning Process?

If your Doctor or health care specialist is trained in The Phil Parker Lightning ProcessĀ® then they can of course assess you for readiness to take the programme. If they are not trained in the programme they will not have the requisite skills or knowledge base about this very specialised field to assess you.

Is it like any other therapy?

No. Firstly it's not a therapy it's a training programme. Secondly no other programme I know of is developed from a combination of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Osteopathy and Life Coaching.

Is it like Reverse or Mickel therapy, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?

No, it's completely unrelated. The Lightning Process is a completely new approach.