Helen James is a fully qualified Lightning Process Advanced Practitioner. Helen has been delivering the Lightning Process since 2008 and over those years has worked with clients of all ages and many different conditions. If you are wondering if the Lightning Process could help you or a loved one please ring Helen to discuss your individual case. Helen can put you in touch with people who have completed the Lightning Process training programme so you can chat to them about their experience.

For more information about Helen see the About Helen page.

COVID 19 Update

I am currently not able to offer face to face sessions or courses. However, I am now able to offer online Lightning Process courses. Please contact me for more information.

Esther Rantzen with duaghter Emily

Discover how Esther Rantzen's daughter used the Lightning Process.

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Breaking News

NHS and Lightning Process research collaboration

Lightning Process The Lightning Process are working with the NHS on a feasibility study.

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Due to the nature of the training the Lightning Process cannot guarantee results as everyone is different, however we have received a considerable amount of positive feedback from clients with the varied symptoms that many people with chronic health issues experience.

Did you know?
That The Phil Parker Lightning Process® is often wrongly referred to as lightening process, the lighting process, or the lightning therapy.